do you like to drink green tea

October 15, 2009 12:26pm CST
i think the green tea have so many is believed that green tea prevents many diseases like cancer,high cholesterol and heart diseases.Green tea helps for skin care and dental care.the green tea burns more calories and thus helps fo weight reduction.
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• India
15 Oct 09
i don't drink tea on a regular basis but if at all i drink i prefer it to be green tea .its highly therapeutic and i like the taste better.
@pcruz77 (452)
• Guam
15 Oct 09
And it also makes you use the restroom, it does with me...
• China
18 Oct 09
Indeed I have heard that green tea is very good for our health. But I tried to drink it many years ago and found it pretty bitter and then I gave up. Later I was told that if I could tasted it carefully I would fould its aroma right after its bitterness that I felt at the moment when it get into my mouth. This accords with the Chinese saying which says "work hard and suffer the hardships at first and then you can gain frutiful accomplishment and sweetness". As a Chinese I will definetly cultivate my interest in dringking tea. Imagine sitting in front of a tea table on which there is a pot of tea boiling, chatting with friends or doing water-ink painting, then tasting the hot tea and enjoying the inner peace. What a comfortable life!
@calai618 (1781)
• Philippines
15 Oct 09
Yes I love green tea so much but I only get to drink it when I am at Asian restaurants. My mother sometimes buys green tea powder but it just does not taste the same I think because of the preservatives. I don't drink coffee and tea is a very good alternative for me.
@love_all (308)
• India
15 Oct 09
yes i like it.. but i prefer to have black tea because it's a long habit and it will take time to switch to it..