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@nagikka (411)
October 15, 2009 3:09pm CST
Forget about the stupid title, I'm not good with them nor do I know what to write in the title of my e-mails lol Anyway, I know it's hard to find referrals, especially active ones. When I joined MyLot for the first time I had a lot of referrals but almost none of them were active. After more than a year I can't find referrals anymore, maybe they are a extinguished species, I don't really know. I came to the conclusion that you need good communication skills in order to make them register to MyLot or other ptc/ptr/ptw websites. My question is: what do you tell your possible referrals in order to convince them to join and possibly be active? lol
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• United States
16 Oct 09
Honestly a great way to gain referrals to any incentive site is to use easyhits4u free customizable splash pages.Incase you may not know what easyhits4u is its a traffic exchange site that offers its free members 1:1 exchange ratio and splash pages.I cant stress enough how effective they can be,I dont get lots of referrals but I do get some.One time I got 6 direct referrals by just using 100 credits,it was because of the splash page I used I embedded a youtube vid about someone cashing out 1000 dollar checks with neobux and it works well.There's a lot of people that use easyhits its the only traffic exchange that's worth anything.Feel free to sign up via banner on profile if you want i can give people in my downline credits,ill hook anyone up that joins my downline :)
@redphile (2265)
• Philippines
15 Oct 09
im willing to be a referral, lets swap. Add me up and pm me your links.