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United States
October 15, 2009 5:16pm CST
The greatest joy of my life was when my bunnies came into my life. The greatest joy and companionship anyone could ever have are rabbits. Rabbits are so tame and loveable. They are quiet and docile. They are always there when you need a hug. They are always there when you want to feel needed, because they could always use a pet on the head. Having a rabbit is very therapeutic to my mind. I can just stare at them and pet them and I'd feel as if I could fall asleep, it's so hypnotizing.
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• United States
30 Nov 09
Crap. Bunnies are weird! I don't take this at face value though. They are very soft. My therapist looked like a bunny. She was a bit hypnotizing. I didn't like her. But she was nice. I should have gotten along with her, but I didn't. She was also unbunny like. I didn't think she was nice. Even though she was. She was rule oriented even though she didn't express rules. This was misleading and she just confused me. I should have introduced my own rules though. But I guess I wasn't strong enough. And we were equal that way. But I need a therapist, not someone who is exactly like me. Bunnies are OK. They are soft. And they need to be fed. Are they vegetarians? I don't have a bunny. I think they would make a nice pet though. Healing. Beautiful.
• Brazil
15 Oct 09
I had a habit when I was young. He was all white an had red eyes.. SOOO cool:p But someday my parents get rid of it, they told me that the habit made my asthma problems get worse (maybe it is true) and after that I never had contact with habits again.
@leahsmom (338)
• United States
15 Oct 09
My experience with rabbits was a little different my rabbit liked to bit and chew on all the wood in my house.