My first task in mylot got accepted...!

October 16, 2009 3:03am CST
Hi friends my first task has got accepted today...! I m really happy to say that I have earned $0.05 though its a meager earning... but I m happy that I have been accepted in finishing the first task itself...! Do you remember whether your 1st task got accepted...? If so how much u earned...?
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• Philippines
16 Oct 09
Congratulations on that! :) I haven't tried it yet but since you earned I might try it too one of these days. I'd only registered yesterday and I've seen the alert mails, unfortunately I don't know about it yet so I deleted it (I think!). I'll look for tasks again and maybe I can do the simple one for a start. I'm still trying to improve my english because its been a long time since I've used my brain vocabulary ^_^. Thanks for posting this information and goodluck on doing more tasks soon, hope they'll be accepted.
@GaryJoule (216)
• China
18 Oct 09
I've never tried task to earn money. It seems it really works since you have earned money by it. I'll try soon.
@alicia812 (648)
• Australia
17 Oct 09
Yes, my first task was accepted and I earned $4 for it. The first time I did tasks three of my articles were accepted and I earned $11 straight to my account. More than a week ago I earned another $10 dollars.
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
Wow chandra.. Congratulations! :D I am happy that you managed to do some tasks and got them accepted. You would get the hang of it, I am pretty sure about that. Well, I think my first task was $2.00, really can't remember it though.. Haha
• Philippines
16 Oct 09
hello chandra, congratulations on your first successful task, i bet the task is actually came from another myloter right? even though it's not much i can say is that you did a good job doing the task well. am pretty sure that some day you can do the complicated ones and allow you to earn more than just .05 cents. there was a lotter too that earned a lot from task close to a hundred dollars.keep it up!