What are the problems facing today's India?

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@hirals (1736)
November 14, 2006 7:40am CST
What are the problems facing today's India? Here is a list I thought of: 1. Corruption 2. Narrow minded youth - Many of the yuth are still slave to regionalism. For them state comes first, nation next. Thats why a Tamil is a madrasi in Delhi and in Bangalore all from north are "northies". 3. Poor Infrastructure - Cities grow like mushrooms with people living like animals unless they have money. Real estate is a joke in India. The prices are comparable to those in US or Europe when the salaries are meagre. This leads to a cycle of corruption. 4. Illiteracy - Our educational system based on the british model sucks and thats why we have politicians like Lallu yadav elected again and again. 5. Lack of Leadership - We have almost always had morons as prime ministers or presidents. What you says friends? Reply please!!
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