what is the need of friends in MyLot??

October 17, 2009 2:05am CST
what is the need of friends in MyLot?? I dont understand that why all send friends requests .what is the use of that?. If anyone knows please guide me so that I can take benefit out of it.
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• India
17 Oct 09
I think if you have more friends in myLot, your earning potential increases because you can participate in many discussions. If you get the information when your friend has started any discussion you are notified and then if you think, you can respond to that discussion. Before you post your comments you can clear any doubts from your friends by sending message to him, and then you can post your comments to the discussion. If you do not have friends, how will you get all the above advantages. I think I have cleared your questions. Thanks.
• China
17 Oct 09
hello kawalsukhi,i think i need helpful friend....
@Thoroughrob (11750)
• United States
17 Oct 09
I ask for friend requests when I see people that post discussions that I am interested in. That way I can put the notify on and when they start a discussion, I am sent the discussion by email and you actually can make some very good friends.
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
17 Oct 09
There are some members who only request friends so they can send you links to their money making sites, but most friend requests are genuine. Usually, they come after someone has responded to some of your discussions, looked at your profile and decided that you have things in common and they'd like to know you better. I was also unsure about the friends feature when I first joined, but now I think it's the best feature on Mylot. I'm in touch with people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world - people I'd never have encountered but for the Mylot friends feature. The best part is, once you accept a friend, you really get to know them. It takes time to build up a good friendship here, just as it does in the real world, but take it from me, it's worth the effort, as it will make your Mylot experience so much more enjoyable.
@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
I believe people are asking someone to be their friend because they feel they can relate to the discussion they post. This way everytime they post a discussion, they can be assured that somebody is reading. At least, this is the way is should be but don't set your expectations too high. Many friends in the friend's don't really bother to respond. Sometimes they give you a feeling that you were asked to be a friend so that someone will answer to their discussions, they don't even take the effort to reciprocate. LOL Anyways, there are good friends whom we can enjoy interacting with. We share common interests and find it easy to relate to several issues. enjoy life!