Sites to research vintage clothing, styles, types, eras

@joye68 (151)
United States
October 17, 2009 8:52am CST
I have my regular sites that I visit to research the vintage clothing that I get in. The main thing is to try to identify the era itself, for me. After that I can put in the general description of the article being described. Here's a problem that I'm beginning to encounter (well, I'm either beginning to have this problem or it's been there and I've only recently understood that it's a problem). Identifying the fabrics made (from whatever period of time) to create an item of clothing. What sites can you visit that are based more on textile/fabric than style of clothing. I'd like to not only know more of the history of the actual piece of clothing, but of the fabrics used to create it as well. Thanks in advance.
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