Have you ever saw a Buddah and rubbed it's belly for good luck?

United States
October 17, 2009 9:19am CST
I have seen a statue of a Buddah and rubbed it's belly for good. I just did it for fun to see if worked. I did have good luck that day but it could have been by chance. I am not sure if it was for real but it was fun to try it. I love testing nature and what it has to offer. I think everyones beliefs should be resected and I respect everones religion. I am not going to say wheather it is right or wrong because honestly Boone really knows what the truth is behide how we got here. All we can do is speculate what happened. I am glad I had good luck that day. Maybe Buddah did give me good luck.
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
17 Oct 09
No I have never rubbed it for good lucked I just rubbed one for fun lol even though nothing good really happend after I rubbed it and I dont really beleave in that superstious you cant get luck for rubbing buddahs stomach lol.