Another super typhoon (after Ondoy & Pepeng) is coming

October 17, 2009 9:44am CST
As we all know, the Philippines was badly hit recently by 2 super typhoons, Ondoy and Pepeng. I'm a victim myself & I have my own traumatic experience to share. It was indeed life-changing but I'm very thankful that no one in our family was hurt. We're still blessed after all. According to weather news, there's another super typhoon coming in few days & will again hit Luzon. Filipinos are still recovering from the wrath of Ondoy & Pepeng. And yet, another super typhoon threats to again destroy lives & properties. 3 super typhoons in less than 1 month?! It seems that Philippines is prone to calamities lately. We have learned our lessons after our experiences with Ondoy & Pepeng. I hope Filipinos will be more vigilant and contingency measures should be set in place. If you have your own experience to share or any thoughts/commentaries about these calamities that Filipinos are currently (and will be) facing, please feel free to share.
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