what would you do with your last £1

@doormouse (4619)
October 17, 2009 1:31pm CST
i'd spend it on a lottery ticket in the hope i won,i've done this on a few occasions but never won anything,not even £10,you would have thought i would've learnt by now to save it
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@jugsjugs (13045)
17 Oct 09
I also spend money as well in the hope to win the lottery, i have won the odd £10 and there has been two other times that i won over £40,but that was along time ago.
@doormouse (4619)
18 Oct 09
i never even get £10,apart from once i won £65,but that was years ago
@taztheone (1726)
• India
18 Oct 09
I would never buy a lottery because I believe in living a life with my own money & not with some free money given by someone. The pride which you get to have a life with your own earned money, is inexplicable in words. Happy Lotting