Problem becoz of same IP

October 17, 2009 10:48pm CST
In our home, I stay with my frndz..we all 5 members..Everyone has PTC accpunts..Ofcourse tThey have all registered with different IPs only..But the problem is everyone is logging with the same IP (Actually we have only one PC in our room, so everyone has to share that same PC..) Will there be any problem, if All gets logged in with the same IP?? Does those PTC sites pay us, since we are all logging with the same IP..Does that PTC site say "We are using Proxy"?? Evryone just recently joined in PTC sites..We havent even reached our payouts...Tell me will there be any problem in the future, if we all gets logged in with the same IP for the same PTC site ??? Hope to get replies as quickly as possible..
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@sulsisels (1685)
• United States
18 Oct 09
Hi abc I think you really need to read the TOS on the sites you've joined and they should be pretty matter of fact about multiple accounts etc. I am only guessing but think that maybe it would matter if you're all using the same pc but I'm not positive. Like I said, read the rules and regs and there will be a section on each site relative to this problem..Be sure to do it soon however because you dont want to sign on one day only to find your account as been deleted for violation of terms. You forfeit all earnings if that happens. Good luck J