wastage calculation of rice in a lifetime of human...!

October 18, 2009 2:34am CST
Hey lotter I read a article that the total amount of rice missed or fallen to the groung from the plate of a human in his whole life time can be used to serve for 12 people for 3 days...! is it possible...? ho my god it will be coming around (12 days * 3 times a day * 3 people = 108) ... So we can eat 108 time ... huh... I have never thought about this calculation...! To be more clear, every person is wasting nearly 108 plates of food in his life time...! Do you put more rice in floor while eating...? please take care that you dont because it is not take by any person when it is reached to ground... :-( I sad that every people are not aware of this issue... Please take care that you eat without wasting which makes the people under poverty to be happy by getting at least a day of food in their life through you...! Be a food provider.
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• Indonesia
19 Oct 09
wow that fact surprise me, who did that surveys, he/she must be the diligent person, counting rice all day=)
@merlinsorca (1123)
• United States
19 Oct 09
Well, those are some shocking numbers... But you can't really blame rice eaters, since it is so easy to drop the rice. I mean, there must be a lot of grains, and it would be almost impossible for some of it to fall or go to waste. At least it's not being done on purpose... I've seen that many people seem to purposefully waste other food. It's not because they drop it on the floor, like you do when eating rice. People who just take the food to throw it at people (I'm betting that this only happens in schools), or people knowingly order more food than they can eat. I think that THIS is more shocking then the rice being dropped, because that was by accident... And this type of waste is on PURPOSE.