what does your ideal soul mate look like?

@angeliam (206)
October 18, 2009 4:44am CST
when i was in school,i used to i magine my soul mate as handsome,tall,humorous...now it's totally changed.women become more realistic as they grow mature.i don't think i am mature enough,but i certainly got some changes.how about you?what does your ideal soul mate look like now?will the model change with time?
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• Philippines
24 Oct 09
ben barnes,my ideal soul mate - ben barnes,a british actor.
I don't have a real definition when it comes to looks,but it's fun imagining how cute my ideal soul mate looks like.I would like him to look like Ben Barnes,complete with British accent and wealth.my ideal soul mate is a rich,kind,understanding,passionate,and ambitious man who like to have fun.it's just fun to imagine things,but I don't expect it to happen in real life.
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
18 Oct 09
He should be fair, middle in looks i.e. neither handsome nor ugly. I want my partner to be one with spects, as I wear one too and i like people with spects. he should be mature and streghthen with importance of him in the whole society. his height does not matter much to me but his strength should be his power and mind.