What Has He Done?

United States
October 18, 2009 5:55pm CST
Tell me ... just what has El Presidente Obama DONE to win a Nobel Peace (or any other Nobel Prize)? What has this Communist done for US? US being the citizens of the United States. He's pushed us so far into Communist territory that it makes me want to puke. He is nothing more than a CHICAGO POLITICIAN and he's done NOTHING more than hurt the United States. How many tax dollars did he (and his fat-AS*E) wife piss away trying to get the Olympics to be held in his CORRUPT Chicago? (Thank you WORLD, for voting it out!) Are you aware that if YOUR current healthcare plan attempts to make ANY changes in it (like a change in your copay) you will be FORCED into his plan?Are you receiving Social Security? While there is no slated increase in SS, MR. Obama wants to send you a $250.00 (COMMUNIST)check to appease you. This man is INSANE ... or maybe like some say, the ANTICHRIST. Think about it. Look at the things he is planning to do ... look at the things that have been done ... CHILDREN singing the praises of OBAMA (not God). Is this what YOU want as a LEADER of your country?The United States of America has been FLUSHED DOWN THE SEWER. Are you STILL happy that you voted for a MENTALLY RETARDED person?
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