Why is reconciliation hard after break-up?

October 18, 2009 11:23pm CST
Reconciliation with our preious loves is very hard specialy if he or she is the reason for the end of your relationship. We became bitter to that person no matter how much we loved that person. Giving that person a second chance is not as easy as it seems in a fairytale story. Why don't we forgive and give another chance?Is it rally because we don't want to get hurt for the second time or is it just our pride? We don't want to accept that no matter what he/she did to you, you still love that same person. Is it realy because you don't want that person to feel that its okey for you to be hurt or is it you don't want because you are afraid to love him?her more the second time around? In situations like this who do you think is the loser?Is it the ex, who's not given a second chance or you who's afraid to feel againt he love thatt you've felt?
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