These are few of the best PC games I ever played.

@sanchet (111)
October 19, 2009 12:06am CST
Call of duty (first person shooter) - Again this one is old but I was so mad for this game that I completed this one 3 times. F.E.A.R (First person shooter) - Whoa!!! I just love this game. The Godfather (action/freeworld) - Again one of the game which really made me crazy. Specially for 2 reasons: Story and gameplay. ( don't like games which don't have story .. just go out and fire doesnt make sense) Mafia (action/freeworld) - Old but awesome. Best story any game can have!!! Max payne 2 - The fall of max payne (Thied person shooter) - I am yet to find someone who will says he didn't like this game. Best game I ever played. PSI:OPS (third person shooters) - You will find something unique about this game. But the story is awesome, it was the story that made me complete the game (3 times). I have an unending list of games. I would like to know which games you like and why?? Describe the nature of game and errr... rate it out of 10. Example: I will rate F.E.A.R (9/10).
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@Fulltank (2896)
• Philippines
19 Oct 09
I think many of myLotter agree with me. My best ever computer game I played is the Diablo saga. It all started way back in the 90's when the first Diablo take off and hit the gaming world by storm. Personally, its my first computer game I played which ended me over 5 hours of playing each game. The next one is the Command and Conquer Red Alert Saga. I don't need to elaborate it as I think most of us knew how to play. I haven't got into the FPS games like the Counter strike, but I played them every now and then.