Chinese food in Malaysia

October 19, 2009 1:12am CST
I here would like to share my experience having chinese food in Malaysia. If someone ask me to rate all the famous chinese restaurant in Malaysia, i will give everage 7 (if full mark is 10). Why i give 7 points?? That is because i found many chinese restaurant did not maintain their tecnic or skill.. For example, ingredient or seasoning will never maintain the measurement. Many time it happen to my friend & myself when 1st or 2nd time we found the food is ok but 3rd to 4th times we visit again the same restaurant with same order but the taste is change!!! I am a human that very respect to food, for me, if those restaurant simply serve a food to customer & thought not all people know how to taste or enjoy the food,, then they are definately wrong. As a chef, they must know, how to appreciate food & serve good food to customer and that is their responsibility. If they can maintain good food to customer, they will get good pay, good business, good name and can last long.. At this moment, what i will say is, i failed to recommend a good chinese restaurant in Malaysia to my friends. All chinese restaurant make me disappointed. They should learn with some famous restauant such like at Japan, Hong Kong & even some western country, why those restaurant can maintain the taste well!!! Another thing is all the main chef of the restaurant never teach or give 100% of their tecnic or skill to their student. It is not a good way. They should teach their student with sincere then the good food will continue to the future generation.. Hope anyone can give comment to my opinion. Thank you.
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• China
19 Oct 09
Hi ! I think the authentic Chinese food is in the mainland of our country ,there are Eight Famous Chinese cuisines and many famous or unfamous folk snack in our country .If there is a chance u can visit our country to have a try by urself .Don't crize too much about the restaurant in Malaysia ,they have been worked hard . Inaddition ,Hong Kong is the special administrative region of China .