if the Thugs dead

@advokatku (4037)
October 19, 2009 4:50am CST
Once .... There's a thug who died from drinking localized, so at her funeral no one take except for his family who all too thugs and criminals. best friend Thugs who died was also bring to grave while drunk. When the body Thugs was lowered into the grave, her friend fell into the grave to receive the body of her friend, then sadly He said the sentence of separation .... "Jack .... sssoorry, I can not accompany you, I'm drunk, but you must remember, the teaching of religious teachers of our time still be children .... you must remember right ...., 'later when all accompanist has go from here, will any an angel who came to ask, I think there are three questions .... "The first question, who is become your God ?, Just answer .... Alloh. "The second question, I think he will ask who your the prophet, you answered, Muhammad. Let you not forget .... you remember who our hit yesterday, mamad .... "The third question .... (long stare while holding the forehead), .... oh ...., Jack really sorry I can not remember the third question. But .... if you've answered two questions and he keep asked, you beat him, and said, I was dead, man ....."
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