persistense works on me today !

@magic9 (981)
October 19, 2009 10:36am CST
Today when I finish work, I left office and headed for the bus stop. But I went through several times but failed to find my commute ticket. To make it worse, I deposited 200 yuan, the balance till today is around 40 dollars. I lost it. I felt very unlucky, I questioned myself why this happened to me. I did not do anything wrong , no harm to anybody, why me? After my two hours' part-time work, I returned to the office, hoping to find it, miracle, isn't it? Something lost is lost forever. yeah, sure enough, I found nothing just like two hours ago, I called to ask my colleagues to search for me, every room I went in today, every possible spot, even the bathroom. I thought few people would do the same like me, to return to the office at 20.00 pm to look for a definately missing item. call it stubbon or persistent, or whatever. but this time, it really works! I found it between the pages of my book in the bookshelf ! You can understand how exited I was at the time. I mean to find something you think you lost !
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@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
20 Oct 09
I guess many people if not everybody has had days like that. The difference is how you look at the situation because it's nothing more than that, a situation. Either you look at it by the bright side or let the emotion carry you out and feel bad the rest of the day. Remember, things happend for a reason, or maybe two reasons, one of them is so we can learn. Have a happy life.