a interesting story. Please read though and you will see why I put it in here.

October 19, 2009 1:12pm CST
I like basketball and my friends know this so one of them forward my a story. Nor sure if it's sure but it's interesting. Here is the story:One old lady played in Atlantic Casino on a weekend and she was very lucky to win a full can of quarters. Before went to dinner, she wanted to put them in the room in hotel. When she just wanted to step into the elevator, she found out there were two black guys in there. One of them was very tall and so strong. The first word showed up in old lady's mind is: rob. And those two are obviously waiting for her to come into the elevator. After frozen there for a short while, she steped in and turned around to avoid to see them. But the elevator was not moving at all. At this time, she heard one of them said"Hit the floor!"She did it by through the can which full of quarters and whole body on the ground. "take the money and don't hurt me!" she said to herself in the mind. The air is frozen for several seconds before the pool lady heard:"Ma'am I'm glad to push the botton if I know which floor you are in". When the lady looked up, she could tell it's so hard for them to not laugh out. And the tall one give his hand to her to help her up. And he explained"when we say hit the floor, we mean hit the botton of your floor. Not to grovel on the floor"Now the lady knew what a big mistake she made. The two guys helped her to gether all the quarters all over the ground and when they saw each other, you can tell they were laughing inside. After the elevator stopped at the floor where the lady in, the two guys sent her to the door and said have a good night before they turned around. When the lady closed the door, she heard the laugh in the hall way. Next morning, someone sent flowers to her room. And with the flower, there is a Card, she read: "Thanks so much for the laugh you bring to us which never happen in so many years"And you know what's the signature: Michael Jordan and Eddi Muffer
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@LordOzz (204)
• Philippines
20 Oct 09
Hi Patgao. I was Laughing with it. Grandma was very nervous about being robbed by two superstars. but still is very lovely to see things giving us joy in life. cause we all know that sometimes we need to laugh, and also know things around you. thanks for that very great story. i like it! happy myLotting!
• Canada
20 Oct 09
Well for some reason, I can't edit it after I post it. I was in a hurry yesterday and put in the wrong name for Eddie Murphy. Don't matter,right. One of the reason I love MJ is there are some story of him which shows his great personality. I have no way to check with him (I'd love to if I can talk to him) to see if this is real. But I'd like to believe it's sure.
@BBaller (180)
• United States
22 Oct 09
If I have two big person following me to my hotel room, I would be worry, I don't care what color they are. i like Eddie Muffer better anyway.