what do you do when you get bored???

October 19, 2009 5:27pm CST
hi guyz..sometimes it happens that we feel alone,ignored in life..it hurts us.what do you do then?please share your experience here..
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• Philippines
21 Mar 10
when I feel bored i try to calm down and relax for a while. its a good habit to take enough rest so that our body can recover from the lost energy. the more time spent with rest the stronger a person becomes. to begin with all activities slated for the day must be done and completed no time to avoid the difficulty of abundant unfinished work. it may play havoc to health to know that more and more things remain undone. its important to know our priorities and a paper and pen may help to identify the main goals in life. by then these must be broken down into individual tasks and only strictness will keep you motivated so do not lose control. every little effort pays off well.