How do you discipline your pets?

October 19, 2009 5:44pm CST
We have two very naughty cats at home: Jeng-jeng and Bali. Most of the times they are rather behaved but sometimes when it comes to food they are just so naughty. We never leave food unattended or before we know it those two till have already attacked. When they do however, my bf usually gives them a spanking to let them know they did something they shouldn't have. Seems to be working. Hehe Do you discipline your pets? How?
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• United States
24 Oct 09
You NEVER hit cats. You spray them with a water bottle and say "no" sharply to stay away from anything you want them to stay away from. They are doing what is natural. I teach my pets with love and consistancy, never anything hurtful. They are animals, and not as domesticated as we would like them to be. They need to be respected, as they too have feelings and emotions. And DO NOT declaw them, just leave a lot of scrathing posts around.
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
Thank you, thank you. Those are wise words and are worth following.
@allknowing (66397)
• India
20 Oct 09
It has been a tough job with this latest entry in our life a female dog for whom everything looked like a toy be it pillows, books,brushes, rugs, carpets,shoes and what have you. But since she has no companion (my earlier ones had) I tolerated it and now that has reduced a great deal. She only runs with these things and expects us to chase her but earlier she would nibble at them and destroy them. As long as we dont chase her she will leave the things after running with them and leaving them some distance away. She has sobered down a lot but let me admit she is the most disobedient pet we ever had but no more destructive. We have failed in our attempt to train her. She is very loving and what more can one ask for? The other day I was asking my neighbour's baby to kiss me and the words 'kiss me' were enough for my pet to come and lick me straight on my face!!
• Philippines
21 Oct 09
Aww... that's so sweet! So you really didn't have to do anything. Just keep on loving your pet until they mature. They really are like your own kids... LOL
@thezone (9451)
• Ireland
19 Oct 09
Hi Great names for the cats. With cats just get a water pistol and squirt them with it when they are being naughty, it does not hurt them and cats are good learners. Whatever you do do not spank them, cats never forget and it could hurt their little bodies.
• Philippines
19 Oct 09
I'll tell the boss. I know they really do get hurt. Sometimes they wouldn't come near us, and they'll just curl up like a ball. It doesn't happen often though but your suggestion is more just.