How to break bad habit

October 19, 2009 9:49pm CST
Five simple ways to break your bad habit 1. Pray to God, asked Jesus Christ to give you strenght, courage and determination to break your bad habit. 2. Replace your bad habit with a good one. Try and experiment new things that's fun and enjoyable where it prevents you from going back to your bad habit. 3. Be active in social activities. You can volunteer in a community service, or engage in a religious activities. This will keep you busy, make you happy and uplift your spiritual aspects in life. 4. Ask for help. Talked to your family of friends who has successfully overcome on giving up bad habit on their life, they can help and give you advice. Or seek for a counselor who specialized on such cases that's related on you. They can help you control your self, thus give you knowledge and idea how stopped doing those habit. 5. Always remember, it's your duty and responsibilty to take care of your self and to stay away from things and habit that only loss your confident and health conditioned.
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@getbrowser (1715)
• China
20 Oct 09
This is really a topic that puzzles lots of people. At first, in order to break a bad habit, people should look at why they find this action so compelling. You will try your best to change and form another good habit once you have been aware of its side effect. Secondly, think why it is that you consider it a bad habit in the first place. Next time when you want to do something in your previous idea and action, you should take some measures to make a choice and substitute it with better behaviors. When you are forming a better habit, you will find that you have broken all your bad habits.
@love_all (308)
• India
20 Oct 09
really nice tips.. thanks a lot for these tips.. they will really be helpful