Breaking The Rules

October 20, 2009 6:03am CST
Yesterday I posted a new discussion. It was something I really was curious about and want to share my opinion with others as well as hear what other MyLotter's had to say on the subject. I got quite a few responses in the first few hours. And then my discussion was gone. "This discussion no longer exists or has been removed due to a discussion guideline violation." That's what I get when I try to click on the like that used to lead to my wonderfully controversial discussion. At first I was kinda peeved. I didn't feel there was anything wrong with the topic of my post. I guess some felt otherwise. Then I was filled with a different feeling ... I felt like a rebel! Here I was, a 33 year old goody-goody, who always followed the rules and only crossed the street on green lights ... here I was breaking the rules. I felt kinda special. So I'm wondering, do you always play by the rules or are you a rule breaker?
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