Internet identity apprehension anyone?

United States
October 20, 2009 12:36pm CST
Do you hide who you really are online? Do you purposefully leave out your own personal information or pictures, or do you not care? Keep in mind that millions of people can view what you post, so what do you think? I have been trying to live a life without fear, which included not caring what someone will do with what I post online. Bear with me, I'm responsible enough to not leave bank account info, 401K info, and things like that laying around online, but most of my personal info I will gladly give out... My name is Joshua, and this is me...I'm 28, and I love life. I dive deep into all things without being driven by fear, believing that my Father God will protect me from all evil as He sees according to His plan. I love my brother, Jesus, with all my heart and soul, and will gladly TELL THE WORLD!!! Know that I am not afraid of he who is in the world, and will enjoy my life to the fullest that God has, by design, set aside for me. What about you? Are you afraid to tell the world who you REALLY are? Go ahead and do it...I dare you...
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@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
21 Oct 09
I dont hide my real identity in the internet. I have good faith in all peoples that i meet and if i get a scammer in my chatmate list, then so help me god. My real name is Grace, age33. I may be broke and single but at least im happy.