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United States
October 20, 2009 6:51pm CST
Hello, fellow mylotters who happen to be reading this. As you know, I have started this interest called "spaceinvasion", because I play the SpaceInvasion game by Bigpoint. Now, this interest, of course, is not very popular, but for anyone who stumbled on this discussion... I need your help. My alliance in the game, the Klingon Imperial Empire, KNG in it's time of trouble needs new members. Okay, first off, I will tell you a little about the game and our life in KNG, if you haven't already read those other discussions So, this game is a strategy/building game, set in space, where you just build mines, get resources, research, build ships and other things. It is very simple, operated only with text and images, so there is no intense action here. The most exciting thing is watching the timer count down and reading a battle report. You don't "see" your ships; this is an example of how a fleet will look like: Battleship: 100 Transmitter: 67 Spy Probes: 3 Solar cells: 8 No intense shooting... In this game, you need to find yourself some meaning to continue playing, and we do this in the Klingon Empire by pretending to be Klingons, and taking things seriously. This means that those who like STAR TREK*cough cough* should play this game and join our alliance So, to sign up you can visit http://spaceinvasion.bigpoint.com/ There, just register, and then choose UNIVERSE 1, then click on "alliances" and search for KNG, and send an application. Then start building things; you'll get the hang of things easily, but if you're confused you can ask as the people there are almost as nice as people on mylot! I don't want to just sound like I'm advertising, because I'm not, as there is no benefit for me, whether you choose to join or not. I am simply following orders to start a "Recruitment Effort"What are your thoughts on this game? Would you like to join, even though it is only fun if you play along as being a Klingon? Does this game seem to have any meaning? Or is it just another one of those boring browser games? Thank you to whoever is reading this.
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@oink24 (67)
• Philippines
21 Oct 09
oh i think that is a cool game..i will try that...
• United States
21 Oct 09
That is good to hear. Thanks for finding this discussion