Do you pray for other people?

October 20, 2009 10:02pm CST
Sometimes our prayer for other people often heard and answered compare to our own prayer and petition. Like once, I have a friend who lost her job, she called me crying cause she didn't know what to do, she has her own family who depend on her. I don't really know how to help her that time, I was move with pity that I stopped my work for a while and say a little prayer for her. And you know what, 3 days passed she called me and told me that she'd found a new job. A company that she'd applied before called and offer a position. That's a miracle for me. Do you pray for other people, like your friends and family? Do you include them in your prayers?
2 responses
• China
21 Oct 09
Yes, we are taught to make intercessions each other. And I do. But I'm learning it. Frankly speaking, pray for ourselves and for others are different. I must to learn intercession with my whole heart. Sometimes I make it, but sometimes, when I'm not in good situation, I find it's hard. I have to conquer my weakness of characters completely!
• United Arab Emirates
21 Oct 09
Yes of course. I always pray for my Parents, Grand parents, my siblings, my dearest friends, people whom i know and then for me.