I might lose my internet connection! OMG what am i going to do?????

October 21, 2009 8:43am CST
Im sooooo upset as i might be losing my broadband as my bank has made an error somewhere and payed a direct debit to something that doesnt exist! i therefore have to open a fraud dispute etc however in the meantime this has left me £100 down and therefore the direct debit for mybroadband cant be payed as im still 20 pounds short! And they have also charged me for not having the money to cover my DD's even though they havent covered it either?!?! Do you think that the bank should compensate ME for this?
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@arvaster (521)
• United States
21 Oct 09
If your bank is at fault you should defenitely be compensated. Just do it the American: harass them until they give up :s
21 Oct 09
Yea i think i should keep on to them as its their fault maybe i will come out on top for once!
@diamania (7034)
• Netherlands
21 Oct 09
Ask your bank to undo the direct debit. Here in the Netherlands you can reverse any change and contact the party to ask for information regarding the money transfer, perhaps the same applies in your country.
21 Oct 09
Thanx for your reply, i just got off the phone now and ive sorted my broadband out yeay! as for the bank i have to sign for a dispute and it all seems to be a bit one sided but i think i will sort it.