21st of DECEMBER ...... 2012 ...... END OF EARTH???????

@mohan89 (242)
October 21, 2009 10:53am CST
Hi friends! According to Mayan civilization, The world is going to change on 21st of december. Do you belive it??? Most of things happened previously what it was written by Mayan civilization They have written about World war-1,2 recently Tsunamis are also written in the book of Mayan civilization. Now Whats gonna happen on December 21(2012)......? Any guesses ? Do we still alive or dead on 22 of December 2012?
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@icecubic (1851)
• Indonesia
21 Oct 09
Sorry I don't believe it guys. i hope we still alive and not happens any disaster around the world ever. Almost of spesialist stated that the earth still alive for a million years again. So i think 21 - 12 - 12 is'nt the end of the day.
@mohan89 (242)
• India
21 Oct 09
Well buddy! What written in the book of civilzation has happend previously
• Philippines
21 Oct 09
nothing new haha~. hey buddy mohan (^^,) relax, no one knows how or when the world will die. only God knows. nothings gonna happen, 12212012 is untrue (^^,) cheers!