Extra Marital Affairs

@Chipog (19)
South Africa
October 21, 2009 3:10pm CST
If you suspect that your partner or husband is having an affair with someone would you directly confront him or you would just keep quite remaining suspicious of the whole situation. Remember these are just suspicions meaning your partner may or may not be involved. In your opinion does confrontation yield positive results or it only creates complications
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• United States
21 Oct 09
I had suspicions of this very thing. I didnt act upon it when i didnt have proof. I figured he would hang his butt eventually and i would have cold hard facts. I did start watching things such as caller ID and such on the phone, driving by his work to see if he was really there. He did get busted and I had cold hard facts. We did end up staying together for the sake of our children, even though now i know that was a really dumb thing to do and would not do it again. I guess i would say wait till someone had facts before confronting someone because if your wrong then it just has a negative effect on the relationship.