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October 22, 2009 12:46am CST
Are you willing to do everything just for the sake of helping your family?for me there's nothing wrong when you help. most specially when it comes to your family and loved one's.but make sure that it's for their own goods cause sometimes people don't realize that helping your family alot leads to teaching them to become dependent on think and annalyze first the situation of whom you're going to help before take an actions of help. because in the end it's not for you but for them to develop their potentials and strength by their own way inorder for them to become a better and responsible people.
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• Singapore
22 Oct 09
Hi Lyka! This is a great discussion of yours! Me as a Filipino with a closely knot family ties, we cannot deny the fact that it is a must to help your family. After I graduated and landed a job, it became my mission already to alleviate my financial situation of my family. For so many years, I am being tied up with them and forget about my personal life. I should not be the one to do that in the first place given the fact that I am a middle child and there are one sister and one brother older than me who may have assume the said responsibility. But because they married early and started their own family, the burden was left with me. Good thing I had the opportunity to work abroad thus, I repay my family's debt earlier than expected. But even now that I have my own family, I have this urge to always support them and set aside some money monthly for them. This is not an issue with my husband as before getting married I already about my intention of still helping them. But you are right on saying that actually, you must not do it in a way that they may become dependent on you. As the saying goes, 'Do not give the fisherman the fish instead give them the fishnet for them to learn how to fish'. For myself, what I did is I am helping now my brother to come over here in Singapore to hopefully land a job and be able to support our family in the end. I am just wishing that he will not marry his girlfriend soon as that may affect our plan altogether.
• Philippines
22 Oct 09
I'm proud of you joy and i really understand how it feels to be the one who's helping your family.coz i've been doing the samething also since i started to work until now i still support and help my family.but i have no regrets for that since i really love taking care of them and seemed to be the only one in a family that always think to give them a comfortable life as much as possible.what sometimes makes me feel sad is that i felt like they're just taking me forgranted and they became dependent on me.even a simple problem which i know they can handle or find solution by their own way. still they keep on depending on me coz they know that i will never let them down.but in some point i realize that it's not already right for them to always catch what's not for you. so what i did is i still help but i put a distance where and when going to help them.coz in the end it's not for us but it's for their own good...
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
21 Feb 11
I really want to help my family, but I do not have the ability to help my family. Ability is what I mean, not only about money, but also time and my concern for my family. Now, I am only able to take care of my own little family, and even then I got help from my family. I am very ashamed to my family, because my family has helped me a lot, but I can not reply to help them. My family also did not want, I reply to what my family did, for me. They just wanted me happy. But, I feel, if there is a chance I will help my family.