Is wet market shopping more advantageous than what the malls offers?

@manong05 (5029)
October 22, 2009 8:34am CST
Price wise, buying fish and vegetables in wet section of malls is relatively more expensive compared to the wet markets. But the environment in wet markets is not that good like the one in malls that are clean and airconditioned too. Which one do you prefer and for what reason? Personally, I go to both places but if I am in hurry, I will not go to wet markets. Any opinion?
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• Philippines
23 Oct 09
it is more advantageous to go to wet markets. in the past, my late husband really went to buy fish, crabs and other seafood products in the wet market. we had to wake up very early on sunday mornings (3 to 4 am), just to be able to get the good variety and good price of fish. it is that time that the trucks carrying loads of fish from the province's rich fishing grounds arrive. if we did not buy direct from these wholesalers, fish and other seafood products went to the 2nd-hand sellers and they were already a few pesos higher. a little sacrifice on our part having to wake up early but it is a lot advantageous in terms of savings. now, because of the security and criminality situation in the area, i have chosen to pay a few more pesos than risk my life travelling early while robbers and killers are lurking in the darker sides of the roads, waiting for their prey. times have changed and i have changed with the times.