Your Last 7 days of Life...

October 22, 2009 8:39am CST
Now a lot of us really don't want to talk about when we will day, especially if we still have a lot of things that wanted to do. But what if you know you only have 7 days remaining in life? I chose 7 days because the Bible said that God created the world within 7 days, actually He rested at the 7th. I just wanted to use 7 and they say that it's a lucky number. Now for my answer, the 1st 3 days I would apologize the people that I've hurt, forgive those who sinned against me, and thank those who have been part of my life. 4th and 5th day would be Public Service, give most of my belongings to those who needed it and spent half of all my money to my favorite charity. 6th would be a family day, I'll spent my whole day with them and go to different places that we will sure have fun. 7th and the last day, I would go to a place where I could reminisce and think of all the happy and sad things that happened to my life. What's yours?
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• United States
22 Oct 09
I'm not ready to go yet, but if God calls me...I would live my life as usual, but spend more time with family. I "carry" my cross daily, forgive when it's necessary and volunteer quite a bit at my children's school and run/walks for diseases. By all means, I'm not perfect, but I think God continually works on my heart to mold me into who He needs/wants me to be. Good discussion question.
• Philippines
22 Oct 09
Thanks. Your right, we should live every single day of our life to the fullest, we should thank, forgive, and say sorry if we needed to.
24 Nov 09
I would eat my favorite foods, of course, which I haven't tried before.=)..also, I'll spend time with my family and friends.