@CRIVAS (1820)
October 22, 2009 10:44am CST
When you are given a medication to take, do you try to learn about the side effects and the dangers of taking the medications? Do you talk to the doctor about the risks involved in using the medication? Do you folloe the instructions given? Have you ever drank alcohol when your medications warn you against it? Why or why not?
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• Boston, Massachusetts
23 Oct 09
Hi Crivas, Compliance to medication is very important as important as the explanation of the doctor about what's in the prescription pad. Before the living the clinic or hospital we need be make sure that everything is explained and discussed in detail--schedule of taking the medicine, dosage, duration, possible side effects, warning signs and other related information. As patients, we have to be assertive and be smart enough to ask and clarify.
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• Boston, Massachusetts
22 Jan 10
thanks for the BR. i am happy that i was able to satisfy you with my answer that you gave me this wonderful incentive-- the best response rating. it's good to see back again. hope we can have some more discussions to share.
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
I do ask the doctor for whatever I should watch out for. It's a good thing that I do read a lot about medicine, so I know a lot about sicknesses and medicines, emergencies and what dangers we could face in case of overdose.
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