do you feel like you are an ant waiting to bite the remaining?

October 22, 2009 11:08am CST
i wanted to ask this question a long back but never got the real title for this . neither did i now get the title but i though of asking this any way today. my question is that do you feel that we are like small ants trying to earn some thing from the INTERNET in the presence of the BIG "GUNS" . you know what i mean? the people who show their turn over in 6 digits sitting at home. you might have got some e-mails claiming " EARN 6-DIGIT AMOUNT SITTING AT HOME ". i don't want to mention their names here as ti am not sure whether they might have a trade mark tag at the end of their names. the common people even claim that in the presence of these men the INTERNET would end in 2012 . okay now coming to the point, i am not a big earner of money around the INTERNET. i am earning just some bits i should say. we work so hard for this small amount of money and those people claim to earn money just in weeks. i personally feel like a cat trying to take a mouse from a dog while it's not watching. how do you feel while writing here just for earning money and enjoyment.
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