Cooking, is not merely mixing and combining foods.

October 23, 2009 5:05am CST
Have you ever try cooking a simple food that will have an excellent taste? During my childhood days, I was told by my grandmother to learn how to cook because buying cooked foods are sometimes not healthy. Aside from that, I was also scolded to do the cooking in our home. So, times goes by, I need to learn the process. I need to do the cooking inside our home. However, during those days, I will just cook the food in an ordinary way, just combining and mixing the ingredients. All I want is to serve it hot and cooked as it is. No other presentation nor an exciting feeling to eat the food that I cooked. The reason why to much left-over foods are being stored inside the fridge. And this left-overs are sometimes wasted. Slowly I realize that if foods are being wasted, there are a lot of things wasted. Money, time and energy are also wasted. Money because this is the medium that you use to buy those ingredients, time because you spent it in going and queueing to the counter and energy because no matter how exhausted you are, you still need to buy foods to eat. In addition, I was also wondering why the foods being served in a restaurant are quite like special wherein if you will observe they are just like the simple food that you cook at home. Thinking that a restaurant is just like the home of the people who loves to cook and prepare foods in expense of the other. Until one day, I realize that cooking is a heart's passion. Cooking is not merely combining and mixing the ingredients. No matter how simple is the ingredients as long as you have the heart and passion for the food that you are preparing, it will taste as good as an excellent food that is being served in a restaurant. Thus, having the alternative ingredients is not a hindrance to have a delicious dish to serve in a table.
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• United Arab Emirates
23 Oct 09
I definitely agree with you. Cooking is a passion! If you have passion about something it is best to improve that passion by learning new things, finding out new innovations. It maybe good but it can be better.
• Philippines
23 Oct 09
Hello Somethingbig. Thank you for the response. Well, having a passion on a small things will definitely create a big difference. You just need to believe and be lead by good ideas. Well of course, you must be guided by prayers because this will be your great weapon to pursue your passion.