how would you rate your level of stress as being a student?

October 23, 2009 9:35am CST
education is one thing that nobody could ever steal it from us. it is one of the most important thing that everybody wants to have, for it is through it that we can secure our future. and for us to live a better life..but as a student we somehow felt some stress with regards to our studies. so what are these?and what are the things you do to lessen the stress?how would you rate it from 1 - 10?
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@kunizzul (1067)
• Malaysia
27 Oct 09
Hi danemz. Well, of course its hard if we think about studying. Because lots of work to do and lots of thins to be done. We need to prepare our homework and also need to study for examination. But if we think from the others edge. We have lots of friends and lots of free time. We don't have to think about finding money and work's problem. I think I will give 5.
@ladyella (145)
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
from 1-10? my stress level would be 5. ^^ i'm really a very relaxed person and i do not take things hardly because it is not necessary. i take things slow and i do not push myself into doing things that's why i am keeping my stress level low. yes, i am a dedicated student but i am not like those students who worry a lot and tell the whole world how stressed they are. it's really worsening their situation and i believe that it's a way of showing people how good you really are because you have a lot of work to do and therefore, you are important. so yeah, i am pretty relaxed and balanced when it comes to my stress level as a student and i hope that students could think this way too. we can also get good grades this way, you know. working too hard and forgetting to unwind is way too unhealthy and will only make you look more than your age. would you like that? i don't think so. ^^
@Lcrkar05 (344)
• United States
23 Oct 09
Well some days it's a 10 and other days it's a 3. It depends on the amount of work that has to be done and also if there's a test. I got to school online and it's just as stressful as going on campus. I have done both, so I know how each one creates stress. It's stressful, because youl try to do your best and sometimes that makes stress instead of relief. I listen to music or watch a movie to take a break from my work when it becomes stressful then I start it again and sometimes found it easier to do after relaxing for a bit.