what do you do with your old computer parts ?

October 23, 2009 12:47pm CST
I am wondering what you guys do with your old computer parts. I purchased my first computer long back and when i wanted to upgrade it my technician told me that it is waste to upgrade and better to purchase new one. I ask if i sell it how much i will get he start laughing saying that who will purchase it. So i gifted it to my milkman who knows computer operation. He was very much happy to receive it as free, i told him it is very old but he told me it is ok for him as he will be using just for typing and keeping records in excel. I think i have done good , what you guys do with your old computer ?
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• Macau
17 Feb 11
I have an old Pentium 2 desktop. I plan to sell it on wondering whether it has any value or not.
@repzkoopz (1895)
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
hmmm.. for me, it depends on the part. if its still usable and i happened to have decided to go for an upgrade, i tend to look for friends who'll need it. otherwise i keep it. but if the part is already unusable, i try to find a tech who'll need the parts (chips), or i'll simply throw it away.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
24 Oct 09
Hello smartbrain. I have an old laptop, which is now out of use. But I will take it to the computer repair shop to get it fixed. It will cost quite some money for the repair. I will give it to my brother-in-law to use as he asked me for it. And I am happy that it will have a place to go without being wasted in the corner.
@sunny68 (1327)
• India
23 Oct 09
here old computers have a resale value. generally an exchange scheme by the retailer. also there are charitable organizations that accept such computers for those who are deprived of it. although i didn't have the need to replace my existing computer but i must say that you certainly have done a good work.