If you listen your preferate slow song, will you cry?

@icesmile (7172)
October 23, 2009 3:41pm CST
What is your favorite song, slow song, love song, ? If you are home, alone, with your thoughts...you just like to listen slow music, who make you to remember nice moments from your life? My favorite song is My all...Maria Carey
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• Australia
23 Oct 09
I have soft instrumental music playing all the time I am working at my computer. Many of these are Henry Mancini and others playing music from the 50s and 60s - all the old favourites. Many are Gospel songs but once again they are only instrumental, mostly just piano, but some with other quiet instruments as well. In the car, where I like to sing along, I listen to Nat King Cole. All the old songs, where the lyrics are so distinct, bring back happy memories, but not really specific memories. I think Stardust is one of the best pieces of music ever written.
• Indonesia
24 Oct 09
Hi icesmile I Believe My Heart by Duncan James and Heaven Knows by Rick Price! Listen to these songs will distract me from my job and make me sing along, and at the end of the song, I'll feel my tears fall, but it's not a big cry. Just my tears come out It makes me remember about my first bf and all my hope about him, that's all. Now seems like I and he have a different point of view and life, but it's okay. Sometimes song can bring our memory back and feel like that past moment happen again.
• Canada
24 Oct 09
While they don't always bring tears to my eyes, they do bring up a lot of wonderful emotions. My husband and I really love a lot of Russian and Croatian songs.