I had a bad dream!

October 24, 2009 12:35am CST
Just this night I had a bad dream. Or I can say a nightmare. In my dream I was about to die. Its really scary because I thought it was real. I said that I'm about to die because I saw a little boy wearing a black hood and he really looks scary and he's holding an axe or something? I didn't notice what he's holding but I know that what he's holding is what he is going to use to kill me. Gosh! That dream really scared me because there is a moment in my dream that I didn't see nothing but black only. And that boy is following me everywhere I go. I thought it was real and i really feel that I'm going to die so I prayed and prayed for my sins and that time I was crying. My explanation for this is I fall asleep late and I'm tired when I got to bed that night. Then there is this moment in my dream that this boy had just gone? What do you think is the reason why my dream is about this scary thing? Am i just stressed?
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• Indonesia
24 Oct 09
I don't know about the meaning of dreams, I also often experience nightmares, but up to now, all the bad things that ever present in my dreams, never became reality. I usually have nightmares, when I felt very tired, to much thinking and body condition in a state of discomfort. I advise you, to pray and hope that your nightmare is only just a dream, entrust all your life to God.
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
Thanks for your response. :) I know your advice would help.. :)
• United States
22 Nov 09
Nightmares suck. I have had my share. Also, they were lucid nightmares. Lasting for a span of years. Quite intense. You said that you thought it was real. Were you lucid? Or maybe just a little bit. Or maybe it was so vivid you remembered it like it was real. What would I think your dream is about: a kid, murder, and repentance? Repentance stands out. The kid is trying to kill you. Perhaps this is your "wild" side, or "childish" side. I think you fear that your wild side is bad. You might be right. Who knows. Whatever. It doesn't really mean anything. But repentance is a good part, and perhaps this is a lesson in loving.
• Canada
21 Nov 09
No, it's a sleep stage called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). It's very normal, even at any ages. Whereas, many dreams happen during 10-20 age. To avoid nightmares, think positively. Studies show that Pessimistic dreams nightmares more often than optimistic. Pray more (since you believe in God/Religion) ---Psychologically it helps, and relax. BTW: What religion do you believe in?