Runescape *Versus* World Of Warcraft

United States
October 24, 2009 12:48pm CST
We all know that Runescape both have a free server plus pay $5.95 to become a member, it has many skills. but WowW you pay $20 a month and it has better graphics, and better skillz, but you have to download it, while Runescape is a browser-baser, in which you only need Java-Script. For many people Runescape is the upper hand, but it lacks alot of new quest and new events, while Wow gets generally updated twice a day, which a new quest every month. if on Runescape you could pick your race. then i would love it more. What do you think? give details supporting you main idea...
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• Latvia
24 Oct 09
I dont play any of those games I tried WoW, it okay... so I guess its better :D