Making money faster than most think possible. Four Days to be exact!

United States
October 24, 2009 3:36pm CST
Hello MyLotters, My name is Aaron Greene and I am a third year student at IPFW and the Editor-in-Chief of my University News Weekly Publication. Every year there is a conference that goes on that caters to College media publications and groups called the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention. Last year, it took place in Kansas City, Missouri, and this year it will be in Austin, Texas. At this convention, students can attend lectures and workshops with nationally known professors and journalists, sit through critiques to see where we can improve, and sit and talk with other students who share the same goals. Last year we were blessed as a publication to attend this event by acquiring money from our student government, but this year, we are still working on raising the funds and all we have is four more days! What I am asking you as fellow myLotters is if you have any idea how to raise this much money in so little time. The funds we need to get if we would like to go to the convention within now and wednesday would be $415.00. What is your method to raise fast money. We would really like to go. For more information about the event go to I also have an account at if you are interested in donating money toward our newspaper. so that we can get even closer to going to this convention. If you donate 15 dollars or more, I will compensate your generosity by drawing you a picture and sending it to you. I use to be the graphic designer for the IPFW college newspaper and I am an illustrator on the side. Go to my deviantart account for examples of my art. Here is my Chip-in account. Thankyou so much. Have a nice day
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• Turkey
24 Oct 09
I think this is not about making money :) Hope you can reach your target soon. I've checked your artworks by the way. Really impressing. I couldn't quite understand, how you can draw them without computer. Only ink and paper. I'll find you when I have a 15 bucks :) Well not till wednesday but, someday I'm sure..