Sharing music with your friends

United States
October 24, 2009 7:33pm CST
I have a favorite band. Actually I have several but there is one whose music and overall presence has helped me get through some dark and very sad times in my life. I'm usually pretty good at telling people, if you like that band then you should check out this band, and they usually do. And I have one friend who is always up for whatever suggestions I have for her. But I cannot get her to check out my favorite band. I don't know why. She won't say anything. I've invited her to go with me twice to see them live because unless you are totally against rock music, if you don't fall in love with them at a live show, you aren't going to. I invite her to the shows and she more or less just ignores me (which is her way of saying no without upsetting me....not that she would be she thinks so). I offered to burn a copy of their new cd for her and she pretty much skated past the offer. I don't know if she's heard their music and didn't like it and doesn't know how to tell me because they are so important to me or if she, like lots of other people, have the wrong idea about them (because of their name, a lot of people think they are death metal or something similar) and that's why she doesn't want to try. It frustrates me because we are usually so compatible, musically, but I just cannot get her convinced on this one. And it frustrates me because I don't know why I can't. Have you ever had a band that you really wanted someone to check out but for whatever reason you just couldn't convince them? Did you sneak it in when they weren't looking (I've been thinking of doing that)? Did you give it up and decide it was their loss if they didn't want to hear something terrific?
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