importance of sleep.

October 24, 2009 8:54pm CST
many people wake till late nights.... how far it is good to be awake till the midnight....... do post ur comment
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@MJAL08 (275)
27 Oct 09
well you know we need sleep not just simply sleep any time of the day and complete the 8-10 hour requirement but sleep at night because our neurons re-charge better at night. i learned that in science class when i was still in elementary. I know staying up late is fun but feeling tired and having eyebags? No way.
@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
25 Oct 09
..for me it's better to have a complete 8-9 hrs. sleep co'z i feel better and refreshed in the morning and ready to face the new day. my moods are happier. my wits are sharper...happy mylotting!!