Friends and Aquaintences Ive met on MyLot

Did you meet a friend on MyLot? - Did you meet a friend on MyLt? Are they an aquantence or a friend?
United States
October 24, 2009 11:19pm CST
Mylot is a great place to learn and meet real people. There are many people I brought to Mylot but out of those friends none have stayed and participated.Locco, lilred one FFX Auton Lilcodman and Noah92 were all started by me. They are still to entrulled with MySpace. These are mostly young people who follow trends and what everyone else is doing. Aquaintences I see most on MyLot are KennyRose, Anniepea, Twoey and Potogold. I try to respond to at least one of their weekly. Im interested in Buffmom and Warmweather woman. Yall pictures look good. Is your personality matching? People on MyLot have depth, style and for the most part, civility. Two aquaintences I fallen out of touch with are Bad penny and Laurie Gardia, we were in touch and talkinng often but we lost touch. The person who Ive found the most interesting is Xfactor and like most things we started our association in an arguement. But today there is at least Mutual respect and that is the beauty of Mylot. It gives us a forum to expand and expound about issues and learn from each other.
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@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
25 Oct 09
i have a personal friend here who was also referred to by my Indian CybderDad Arun. I met Arun over tagged. Now, i get to chat with Shooyao (chinese) once a week. I also met another chinese chatmate named Taogang. I like meeting new people. I also see a friend in Citychic; in fact, i have confided to her my personal problems. I really like it here in Mylot, i learn so much from other people.