CSU and UC Budget Cuts- And Arnold wonders why we want him out of office?

United States
October 25, 2009 2:33am CST
California's dear governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has given the CSU and UC universities no choice, but to band together and take matters into our own hands. Governor Terminator is really living up to his name because this quarter at my university, Cal Poly, many classes were cut from the course catalog, and it is only getting worse! Next quarter, everyone is only allowed 13 units maximum, and all classes MUST have 40 students or more or they are cut. Many students are angry, furious, and the professors are going to be out for blood if they have to take any more furloughs. My department, the English Department, is really feeling the pain because we are a very small department. Six classes were cut in the English Department, and even more will be cut if all of the much needed classes are not full. Cal State Fullerton has already been pitching tents and holding classes and study sessions where ever they can around classes because of the 3 day long furloughs that their instructors have been forced to take. Many UCs have been walking out. They have done just about everything they can do, and they really have not much else to do. In fact, my university is organizing the first ever "Students for Quality Education" (SQE) because there is not much else that we can do. We have no more papers and petitions to fill out because we have signed them all. We have had a few protest already during finals week where we had "Study Ins" and none of it was of any use. My instructors are threatening to walk-out, again, we have no choice. My instructors want to give of what we need so that we can graduate and get what we need for when we get out into the working world, and they feel that they cannot give us what we need right now. Hey everyone, hear this, California has done it before and we can and will do it again: RECALL ELECTION! We will terminate "The Terminator"! Arnold said he cared about education and he lied! He said no new taxes and no cuts to education, but look what he has done. We know that the economy is bad, but this is going too far! CSU and UC students are scared out of our minds worried that what we need, we will not be able to get. We are not breaking any laws and we are doing everything that we have to do in order to get our message across that we are angry about our situation. Those students who wanted to graduate this year, might end up having delayed graduations. They are going to be forced to stay in college a lot longer than they normally would. This is not fair!
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