which is best pink or blue?

October 25, 2009 2:48am CST
what u think in ur mind is it blue or pink is best my choice is blue because sky is blue
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@kaka135 (14130)
• Malaysia
25 Oct 09
I like both colors, both colors give different feelings. I think pink is more girlish, sweet and cute, whereas blue is cheerful, natural and classical. I think blue color always represents boys, and pink always represents girls. When I am choosing clothes for my baby boy, I definitely won't choose pink, and I saw most of the girls' department are pink clothes.
@Archie0 (4669)
25 Oct 09
I don't know it must be because of the blue sky we all love that right so blue for a color must make us feel good i didn't realize blue was a favorite color until they kept asking "whats your favorite color" lol & i looked around my house & saw blue everywhere & clothes to boot haha sooo it must be because of the sky
@Zhizho (1352)
• Indonesia
25 Oct 09
I am a woman but not really like pink colour.So,I more choose blue for my clothes.Blue is natural,calm and I think it's feel relaxing when I wear blue clothes.But I have pink clothes.And sometimes I wear it.
@bluray (408)
• Singapore
25 Oct 09
I like both he colors as they are very soothing and pleasant.Blue mainly represent boys and pink represent girls.I like to buy pink clothes for myself but definitely not for my son.little girls look pretty in lovely pink,I have seen some of the shops where only pink clothes and accessory are found.its so beautiful!!
• United States
25 Oct 09
The combination is great. They go well together. But if I were to choose between the two, I'd choose pink, because it's light and girly. :-)
@abanerji (1026)
• India
25 Oct 09
well, i am neither fond of pink nor blue. my favourite colours are black, red and purple.