I owned a collie

United States
October 25, 2009 3:55am CST
When I was little we had a collie named colleen.Of course I called her Lassie for it was my favorite show.Colleen would see us off on the school bus and be waiting when we got off.I never gave it much thought then.But now as an adult I think she must have known what time it was,I am sure she didn't wait at the bus stop all day.I grew up in a very small town so small we only had two police officers and no street lights.We had a lot of woods though and colleen would follow us where ever we would go.She was such a happy dog just happy to be with us kids no matter what we were doing.If we were lost in the woods (which often happened) we could sternly tell Colleen to "go home" and she would sadly put her head down and head home.I can't tell you how many times my sister and I found our way home this way.We would always praise and hug her when we got home.She never seemed to know that that was why we were sending her home though.Sadly she lost her hearing and was hit by a car,she lived a good long life though I don't recall how old she was when this happened.I know I was about 11 and it broke my heart.I was grounded at the time and snuck out to meet my neighbor in the woods.He told me so I had to go home and pretend I didn't know she had died.It was a very sad time. Anyone else care to share their childhood memories of their dog? Jazz
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