Have you ever tripped in your room over something you did not see?

United States
October 25, 2009 8:32am CST
I have tripped in my room over something I did not see and I twisted my ankle. I was not paying attention and tripped over a toy my son left in my room. I guess I was such in a hurry to clean the room I did not see the toy. I ended up twisting and spranging my ankle. I had to wear an air cast on my ankle. This was not fun for me. I had to wear it for a couple of weeks. It was uncomfortable for the most part. Now my ankle is all better. I have learned to be more carful when I clean my room and watch where I step.
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@dekada80 (388)
• Philippines
25 Oct 09
wow, that hurts, It happens to me sometimes as you know kids most of the times leave their things anywhere and sometimes on areas you will not expect it's there, the result, I stepped on it and sometimes, on my effort to avoid those things, I end up loosing my balance and thus fall. There are also cases when I stepped or got tripped on my pet cat because my cat loves to sleep on door paths.
@free_man (7337)
• United States
25 Oct 09
So sorry that you had to go through all that pain and hope you are much better now. I am a clutz I trip over things all the time that I don't and do see. It is just part of me. My brothers used to tease me about it and it is funny after you are better but it wasn't funny when it happened. I wouldn't know what was wrong if I didn't trip almost every other day.