is it good to have preferences among own children???

October 26, 2009 5:03am CST
i have a brother and my parents love him the most and satisfy all his wants and i always remain at the back crying on my destiny.....sometimes i regret to be born in this family...have you ever gone through this???
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• Philippines
4 Nov 09
Hi Kamisha I also have a brother and I also think that my mother love him the most. I also cry because of that. My mom always telling me that he loves me as much as he loves my brother, but I kinda doubt it because, I'm a human and human can feel, and I can feel it!
• United States
26 Oct 09
No regrets Kamisha you are what you make yourself! And you can be anything you wanna be. I too went threw this and in turn my mom who just loved my sister and hated me got the big suprise when we growed up and my sister doesnt care for her at all and here I am with mom lol! Let it pass just brush it off and think positive thoughts twards your future! You should always honor thy father and mother but you do not need there approval to get threw life. Be strong and move on!
@JAG2009 (268)
• India
26 Oct 09
As someone without children, I have often wondered about this issue. Do parents prefer one of their children over the others? Does that preference change as they grow older? I mean, if I have three books, I always prefer one more than the others. When I have potted plants, I always like one more than the others. Is it like that with children? I wonder...Aren't parents people, after all? So, isn't thta part of their nature? I'm wondering along with you, Kamisha. And I'm curious to see how mylotters resolve this issue...of it can be resolved.